Rick and Morty is an essentialist show

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to theWisecrack show The Squanch , you should listen to it if you like Rick and Morty!

Hi guys,

First of all, I love the show.

I was catching up with the episodes and listening the episode about Rixty Minutes and specially the decision of putting on the goggles or not to see other ‘you’ in different realities made me think of how Rick and Morty is an essentialist show.

If you can use goggles to check yourself in other realities what is it that makes you “you”? I can see to some extend that if you’re born in the same reality and take a different decision you’re the same person since you have the same DNA and experiences, but why the show says that for example the cronenberb Rick or doufus Rick is a ‘Rick’, they obviously are different, have different bodies, personalities, DNA... In the episode Close Rick-counters, Rick says he’s the ‘Rickest of them all’. So what is that we suppose to believe that in all those timelines there’s a being (even aliens) that can be identify as Rick, so what does this being is, or what essence has to be to be identify as? Is like a the ship of Theseus but not that extreme, if we modify ricks DNA, memories with others is still a Rick...

Is weird to me since the show is so well writing and scientific that holds a view like essentialism.

This also negates the themes of the show like existentialism and nihilism since the whole ‘essence precedes existence’ in invalidated.

And coming back to the question of the goggles probably the other realities were also the circumstances and you cannot actually choose those options (if you’re a hard determinist), so why bother thinking about it? You’re your on self and only you.

Love to hear your thoughts,